What is involved in your Reiki appointments?

Your First Session: £30

This is the introduction phase between you and the Reiki Practitioner. You will sit with myself and we will discuss your reason for the visit, any past experiences with reiki and if you are new to it and what it will entail. I will ensure you will be completely at ease before you start the reiki treatment and you will be asked to complete a short form with some personal details and then you will be required to sign a declaration for the treatment to go ahead. This can take 15 – 30 minutes’ dependant on what needs to be discussed.

Once the discussion is over, you will be asked to lie down fully clothed on a massage bed, removing your shoes only (glasses if worn) and occasionally you may be asked to remove jewellery or other accessories for your own comfort.  You will close your eyes and relax to some music lying on your back, then you will receive reiki from head to toe and then turning over to lie on your front, hands will be placed on your shoulders and other positions leading downwards to your ankles. This can take at least 1 hour. Once completed you will be asked to bring yourself around in your own time and then when you are ready you will have a seat with myself again and we can discuss how you feel, any questions you have, what you experienced and what I experienced whilst providing the treatment.

If you are only just starting out with reiki, it is advisable to have 3 consecutive sessions close together (ideally weekly) as this will give your body and mind a really good cleanse and it will be more effective than just the one time. However, this is the client’s choice and there is no pressure to do this, it all depends on what the client wants from the sessions. At the end of your first session I will be able to recommend whether the 90 minutes or 60-minute appointment would be sufficient for any follow up bookings.

90 minute session: £35

This is recommended if a client suffers with any medical conditions that they would like help managing. It allows additional time for me to work longer on the whole body.
However, the 90-minute session is also ideal for anyone going through an emotional or stressful time and needs the time to talk about this in detail so they can release any of their concerns within the session so they feel a load has already been lifted through just talking and then it will be further cleansed within the reiki healing session.

Example only

On ratio, this may consist of a 30-minute discussion and 60 minutes of reiki healing (please note all clients are different and each session is bespoke to them).

60 minute session: £30

This also includes a discussion at the beginning and end of a session and healing throughout the whole body. This is the most common session that clients will book in for after they have had at least 3 sessions, although some clients will go straight into having 60 minutes only after their initial 90 minutes’ session has been completed. It is all dependant on what is going on in the client’s life at the time of the appointment, but I will be able to advise on this after the first session.

45 minute session: £25

This would entail a shorter discussion between the client and myself and is more suited for the clients who either attend regularly, or they are limited for time but just need to relax (e.g. over their lunch hour) or they are attuned to give themselves reiki (completed Reiki 1) so they just want a bit of a top up to help them to re-balance more easily. Due to the shorter timescale, just the front of the body will be treated – Head to toe.

This session cannot be carried out on any first time clients. All first time clients require the full 90 minutes but will only be charged for 60 minutes. As previously stated, the first session will help me to assess and then recommend how long a client may require with any potential bookings.