I have been a receiver of reiki since 2004. A very special friend of mine recommended reiki to me at a low time in my life, as I was trying to deal with a loss of something very special to me and struggling to see the positives in anything.

At first I was skeptical of ‘how can someone’s hands make you feel better?’ However, after my first session of reiki I felt so much better and more positive to deal with things and move forward. After about 1 year of receiving reiki I booked in and completed my Reiki 1 in 2006, and I do believe this helped me deal with many other challenges and events in my life.

I was a Business Tutor at the local college for 11 years, supporting predominately 16 - 19 year olds into making their career choices into the workplace or going onto university. The fact that I had reiki in my life helped me immensely in teaching creatively, to a high standard and guiding my learners, nurturing each individual learner to reach their full potential, whilst dealing with the pressures and responsibilities that come with working in the education sector.

However, changes in circumstances brought me to a crossroads within my career and I chose to take reiki to the next level, completing my Reiki 2 and then my Masters to enable me to share this more widely with others in a professional capacity, helping other people find the right balance for them and sharing the light, peace and happiness I have thankfully had in my life since my own reiki journey had begun.

Find Your Balance is situated in Norden Village, Rochdale. A little haven of peace and tranquility where you can escape the worries of the world and find your own balance, reducing stresses, anxieties and helping restore your immune system back to a good working order to combat any physical ailments you may face.

Reiki has to be tried to be believed! View my testimonial page to see what some of my clients have to say and have a look at the reiki page for the courses available for those of you who want to take your own reiki journey even further.