Here's what clients have to say about Find Your Balance - Specialising in Reiki, in Norden, Rochdale

Elaine is an exceptional spiritual healer, listener and all round great person. The space she has created that makes me feel extremely safe and in caring hands. It's my little retreat for peace and healing in this fast paced & demanding world we live in today.

I very much look forward to every Reiki session I have booked into. The treatment that I receive is completely recommendable. It creates a peaceful state of mind, a great form of meditation, believing and healing.

Thank you Elaine for doing what you do. For being brave enough creating a safe space, delivering spiritual healing that is so powerful and for helping me get my spark back. You've created a safe place and I look forward to attending EVERY session. I can't recommend you enough. Forever grateful. Thank you.

Lecia W: Norden

There are not many therapists that can fulfill what they say they can, but Elaine can . If you need restoring to your physical, emotional or spiritual balance, to become back to being more like you before life's demands bring you down, call on Elaine and just give it a try. The minimum you receive is pure relaxation and the maximum is finding yourself balance, and being able to cope with life again . Thank you Elaine x

Anna F: Rochdale

Reiki opened my mindset and made me feel generally better. Life can be busy, stressful and at times difficult. Day to day meeting a range of personalities, connecting with people and becoming embroiled in daily events can end up taking its toll on you and your health.
Reiki enables me to take time for myself, clear my thoughts and restore inner strength and harmony. Elaine is wonderful, calming and excellent at ensuring the time you spend there is pleasant, relaxing and worthwhile. When life is so busy it's not always easy to find the time for 'you' but reiki enables me to do this.
Elaine also sells the stunning himalayan salt lamps, one of which sits on my bedside table, enabling the calm and pleasant atmosphere to be continued at home. Thank you so much!

Gemma S: Rochdale

A reiki session with Elaine is always a perfect way to sort out any stress in my life! I had an amazing two days training with her for reiki 1. It was such a magical experience learning the craft and Elaine did a fab job teaching, very encouraging and she helped each of us individually and as a group. I’m incredibly grateful to her for helping me on my spiritual journey. Can definitely recommend!

Jessica S: Norden

I was the world’s biggest sceptic before I went to see Elaine. To be honest, whilst I was aware of Reiki I knew nothing about it!
Elaine quickly put me at ease by explaining the process at my first session and followed up with an amazingly refreshing Reiki treatment.
I went to Find your Balance because I was suffering with work related stress and anxiety which became quite debilitating in time causing chronic muscle tension. In addition I had suffered a close family bereavement which added to my stress levels.
Elaine was so calming and sympathetic of my circumstances throughout and, despite my initial scepticism, I found the Reiki treatment left me so relaxed and positive I immediately signed up for three more sessions.
I can highly recommend Elaine to anyone with any number of stresses and strains brought on by the 21st century.
I can’t help but notice the majority of Elaine’s glowing testimonials, come from women. C’mon guys, Reiki is for everyone regardless of gender so don’t think about it, do it!
More relaxing and longer lasting then any massage. I still don’t fully understand how it works but ask me if I care?

Martin J: Norden

The Reiki sessions I have experienced have been beneficial and healing. Prior to my first visit I did not know what to expect. However, Elaine's calm and welcoming manner and the tranquil atmosphere of the room made me feel immediately at ease. On a personal basis, the sessions have had an immediate effect and I have no hesitation in recommending this reiki treatment.

Dorothy J: Norden

27.8.16: Amazing 2 days spent training in Reiki 1 with the lovely Elaine at Find Your Balance.
Thank you so much Elaine, I'd 100% recommend it and feel very lucky to have taken this next step on my reiki journey.xx

Michelle K: Rochdale

My Reiki sessions leave me feeling both calm & relaxed. Elaine provides an excellent service & is always professional, efficient & friendly. Highly recommended.

Seema D: Rochdale

I absolutely love my reiki sessions at Find Your Balance. Elaine is fantastic and always makes me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. I always leave feeling refreshed and positive. I have been having reiki for over 4 years and the impact it has had on my life is tremendous. I would recommend anyone to have a session with Elaine. I guarantee you will be booking in for more.

Farah. R: Rochdale

I had Reiki sessions many many years ago. I realised it was time to revisit Reiki as my life became quite stressful & disorganised. Wow, Elaine is an amazingly gifted healer, and my sessions were profound on many levels. She seemed to know just what was needed & is very intuitive and picks up on many things going on in your life and beyond.  I have slept better than I have in weeks after seeing her. I now have more energy and have started to take control of my life.. She gives great advice & has a very powerful gift, indeed. Thank you x

Natalie K: Rochdale

After having a break from Reiki for a while I realised and knew it was time to go back to this healing therapy as my health and stress levels were escalating out of control. I  found Elaine at Find Your Balance and I am so grateful I did. I have had 3 sessions so far and I am feeling better and more in control of things, my mind is clearer and more ordered and my health and energy levels are much improved. I always look forward to my Reiki sessions with Elaine and know things will improve even more. Reiki will always be part of my life and I would recommend Elaine at Find Your Balance to anyone who is looking to have a much happier healthier and less stressful life.


Patricia A: Rochdale

Had a wonderful reiki experience at Find Your Balance. A very relaxing ambiance.

Heather W: Chadderton

I first heard about Reiki a number of years ago, however I never really looked into it in great detail. Then, last year a friend of mine started having regular Reiki sessions with Elaine and I was amazed at what she told me, about how she felt after treatments so I thought I would give it a try. I wasn’t too sure what to expect and whether it would work for me – but it did. When you first meet Elaine, she is so lovely and welcoming. I felt instantly relaxed and at ease when I walked into the room. During my first treatment session, I sat and chatted with Elaine, she explained how the session would go and what to expect. I have had a number of sessions now with Elaine and I look forward to each one. It is a welcoming escape from my busy day to day life and I always come out feeling relaxed, motivated and positive. My sessions have helped to ease aches and pains – I am a keen runner and sometimes suffer pain in my legs, this was something that Elaine picked up even before I had told her that I ran. During my very first treatment, I had recently had Labyrinthitis and vertigo which I had not mentioned during the initial consultation but again this was something that Elaine picked up and helped to ease. I had been suffering with ear pain and after Reiki this disappeared – I was really impressed. During Reiki, I see healing colours in my eyes and I can really feel the heat and energy, it really is an amazing experience. Elaine has also been extremely flexible with accommodating my appointments which can be hard sometimes trying to fit in around work and looking after my children. Following my treatments with Elaine, I have recommended her to a number of friends as I cannot praise Reiki enough. Thank you so much Elaine xx

Kate G: Norden

As a Reiki receiver and giver, it has taken time to find the right therapist at a time when I needed support to re balance myself. I booked a treatment after a chance advert in a local magazine. Initially I was reluctant as the venue is not what I would seek. Elaine was so welcoming and it was surprising how relaxing the room feels considering its location above a hairdressers on a main road.
Elaine explained how I may feel during the session, I felt relaxed during the session and so much calmer by the end. We chatted after the session, I knew I had found an intuitive therapist. Before I left, I booked a further 2. I had these over a month and felt a significant shift in my energies almost immediately. I feel calmer, my mind has clarity and order again and Elaine's approach reminds me that I need to look after myself in order to support others. It is difficult to describe the effects but the best thing to do is book and experience it for yourself. I have arranged my next session.
Colleagues have commented on my positive change in attitude. I had been taking medication for stress for almost 4 months but the Reiki seemed to have a greater effect. I am unable to change some things around me but I can control how I care for myself.

Angie A: Norden

Both my husband and I have been recipients of the relaxing, calming and refreshing reiki treatments from Elaine at Find your Balance. We most certainly recommend anyone to try. There is a warm welcoming atmosphere with someone who is a very easy listener in a good central location within Norden village. My husband Ted was very sceptic but he returned for further treatment after having one of the best nights sleep in a long time.  I must also admit to being apprehensive initially but after the sessions I felt at peace with myself and walking on air. It most certainly uplifts the spirits and helps you to relax.

Julie W: Middleton

 I decided to go for treatment after observing Elaine 'from a distance' at a fundraising event. I was curious and at the time my stress levels were incredibly high and I was feeling somewhat out of sorts but I couldn't put it down to anything specific. My first session was unbelievable.  From the moment I walked into the room I felt at ease and sensed almost immediately that this was something that really was going to make a difference. It did - I can't describe it - there were lots of colours, images and heat but more than that I remember feeling really really safe and found myself feeling really emotional - it was so personal to me I'm  still struggling to find the words to explain it - but I don't worry about that because I don't have to. Anyway three sessions in and I really have found my balance- I feel settled and calm, I have an ordered mind (which sounds a bit odd but believe me from my point of view that's massive) and I now sleep. Thanks Elaine.

Angela C: Heywood

After the year our family have had, and the grief we were trying to cope with, a visit to Elaine at Find Your Balance, above Brierleyduff in Norden was worth a shot.  I've been using the hair salon for many years and wasn't sure how I felt about trying to switch off in a room above Steanne, who is lovely and chatty and rarely comes up for air! However, Elaine has managed to make the room feel calm, given it such a lovely feeling, and almost sound-proofed it.  It's comfortable, warm, pretty, and, more importantly, Elaine is there.  I've known Elaine for many, many years, but I didn't realise how relaxed she could make me feel.  I started off with three sessions, each one beginning with a chat, and some laughs, followed by the reiki.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, or what I would get from it, and I'm not sure how she does it, but I leave Finding Your Balance, each time, more balanced, with a feeling of serenity and calmness which leaves me able to deal with recent events and the hectic life we lead. Yes, I have had a little snooze once or twice, the room is soundproofed once elaine begins the treatment, but whatever Elaine does it's that which gives me that balance.  I look forward to each session and, even though nothing can change the losses we've suffered recently, I'm able to get myself out of bed and take on each day.  Thanks Elaine xx

Beverley M: Hopwood

I was told many years ago to try Reiki to try and bring some balance in to my life. I suffer from general anxiety and this can be quite debilitating at times. I finally decided it was time to try Reiki although I wasn't sure what it involved, but Elaine has been very reassuring and answered any questions I had.  I have found the sessions to be really beneficial and feel much better in myself in general. In my last session I was feeling anxious again and explained this to Elaine. When Elaine was doing the Reiki I could feel the tension and anxiety lifting from me and I didn't feel weighed down anymore. I wouldn't miss any of my booked Reiki sessions because they help me so much. I'm sure that Elaine being such an empathetic person makes the whole experience so much better and I have recommended Reiki with Elaine to friends.

Catherine R: Rochdale

They say reiki finds you when you need it the most. I was introduced to 'Find Your Balance' at a time of need and had a really connective and humbling first experience with Elaine. I've now had future sessions and feel the reiki makes me more mind and body aware, calmed and connected to channeling my energies. I'm excited for my next session as it has made me more positive and reflective in life. Elaine has a beautiful soul and is so intuitive to my needs - Thank you x.

Leona B: Middleton

I have had 4 sessions with Elaine and with every session I can feel an improvement. From walking into the salon the first time and meeting with Elaine I knew she was the therapist for me. The room is beautiful and calming and I felt an instant peace. There was no need to worry about anything as Elaine explained what was going to happen with easy to follow diagrams, so I had no doubts after this consultation period. She discussed with me at length what I wanted to get out of the session and was very professional throughout. I now feel totally at ease and relaxed, my head has stopped feeling foggy and I can think clearer. My aches and pains have almost disappeared and I am sleeping better. I have more energy and my friends all say I look well. I will definitely be booking regular treatments from now on and would highly recommend Elaine at 'Find Your Balance'.

Sandra H: Langho

I have had three sessions of Reiki with Elaine and benefited greatly from all of them.

Elaine explained how the sessions would proceed and asked about my background and for any special preferences. She made me feel comfortable and at ease.

The first session helped ease my physical aches and pains and I felt totally relaxed. In the second session I fell asleep and afterwards felt calm and energized. Following the third session I have felt in control and able to make
decisions which should have been made some time ago. I feel more calm and confident. I intend having a monthly maintenance treatment or a session as needed.

Elaine is very sensitive and intuitive and I am glad I have found her as a therapist.

Brenda R - Norden

After hearing about Reiki a few times and the positive affects it has had on people I finally decided to try it for myself. On arriving for my appointment I was immediately pleased with how beautiful and tranquil the room was. Elaine then explained the process and what she was going to do and how I would feel, this made me feel at ease and instantly removed the “newbie” nerves. 

The treatment itself was something I have not experienced before in terms of relaxation both physically and mentally. After the treatment my mind felt instantly clearer and this has continued over the following weeks. The treatment has helped me remain focussed, less stressed and generally in a much “happier” place.  Elaine is very informative, professional and friendly, all the things you need when you are trying something new.  I would highly recommend 'Find Your Balance' in Norden, Rochdale and I am looking forward to my next session.

David M - Failsworth