Himalayan Salt Lamps

At  Find Your Balance I am always looking for ways to help a person improve their overall health and wellbeing, therefore the products I stock will be chosen to meet customer demand and to support customers in improving their quality of life with products and services that will provide them with the upliftment they are in need off.

The heat from a bulb or candle placed in a himalayan salt product will help it to emit negative ions that cancel out the positive ions that come from many electrical devices such as TV, mobile phones, computers, I-pads etc. (Ions are invisible molecules that we can’t perceive with any of our senses). Positive ions can come from electrical devices which affect our mood in a bad way, which may lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Negative ions are found in abundance in nature, especially near mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. These molecules increase levels of serotonin, a mood-altering chemical that fights depression, stress, and low energy. They also cleanse the air which gives the room a cleaner, fresher feel which you experience when in the good outdoors. The knock-on effect to having these lamps in your home or work place is that it then helps you feel more relaxed and calm, promoting a positive environment to be in.

Benefits - Once you try it, you’ll never go back!

1. They counter positive ions
As mentioned above, salt lamps counteract the positive ions emitted by electronics in your home. Each lamp can only handle so much electrical smog, so you may wish to keep one in a few different rooms. See below for some guidance on the recommended weight for room size:
       • 2-3kg 10 sq m2
       • 4-6kg 15 sq m2
       • 7-9kg 20 sq m2

2. They fight disease

They have been known to lower blood pressure, reducing the chance of heart attacks and strokes

3. They boost energy

Negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain to improve alertness and improve mental stamina. You’ll feel more focused and alert as you perform your everyday tasks. The white Himaylan salt lamp will help with concentration, therefore it can be useful to have in the workplace or for studying.

4. They clean the air

They can also help protect against germs in the air, as they protect us from airborne bacteria that could be floating around us, helping us keep those common viruses which can affect us for weeks at bay.

5. They help you sleep

The amber himalayan salt lamps emit a soothing warm light that is the perfect nightlight. Its numerous benefits will help you get high-quality deep sleep and feel more alert when you wake up. It is recommended to put the light on a few hours before bed so the room is cleansed before you sleep. Some people have a timer they will use so it will go off after they have fell asleep and it could be set so you can wake up to the beautiful amber glow, especially in the dark winter months.

Our range of Himalayan Salt Lamps can be viewed and purchased from our treatment room and some are displayed on the ground floor in Brierleyduff hairdressing department. Visit our facebook page to check for any updates. You can message me to see what stock is available and discuss delivery or collection arrangements.