Meditation was originally created to overcome suffering, to find a deeper meaning of life and to connect to a higher reality. Today it is spoken about and accepted more, but I feel it is still a little misunderstood. It has many benefits which can lead to personal growth, improved performance and it can help a person achieve optimal health & well- being.

There are many ways of meditating and not one right way. One common way is to turn your attention to a single point of reference. This can involve focusing on the breath, on bodily sensations, or on a word or phrase, known as a mantra. Mindfulness meditation lessens distractibility and promotes focusing on, and the enjoyment of being in the present moment.

Three main benefits of meditation are Physiological, Psychological & Spiritual. Therefore, dependant on what you are looking for will determine the type of meditation suited for you. Guided meditations are great for beginners, especially if you are guided by a good Meditation Teacher. There are lots available through online platforms, apps etc, but to start your meditation practice, or even to support your current meditation practice, using a Meditation Teacher and attending classes can strengthen this. Working with a teacher and in a group format enables you to learn and develop from others experiences and the teachers knowledge and experience of the different techniques available and what is suitable, plus sometimes meditations may bring forward emotions or memories which have been hidden quite deep so to be able to discuss this with others or solely with the teacher can help with any clearing process that may be happening, in a safe environment as guidance and support can be given immediately after the meditation.

The British School of Mediation has a good Code of Ethics and a compulsory requirement for Continuous Personal Development, so as a registered teacher, qualified with a diploma in Meditation I am able to offer you the best professional service I can.

Some of the services available are:

  • 1:1 Meditations
  • Group Meditations
  • Sessions suitable to meet the requirements of all Businesses to support the Health & Well Being of their staff, be this through a one to one referral which can take place within my treatment room or in a suitable space within the workplace premises.
  • Business Group block bookings sessions delivered on the work premises. Room size available will determine how many per group and prices will be determined by how many people are booked on the session. Contact me for a quote.

Please see the video below which is an example of guided meditation