Reiki 3 Master Teacher Course

One intensive day £350

This price includes a mandatory Reiki treatment which is to be had the week prior to the course to ensure the client is ready and balanced for their attunements.

This course is available to all the reiki practitioners I have already attuned into Reiki 2, or who I know and have seen evidence of them being a regular receiver or provider of reiki. There must be evidence of clear commitment to this level and I will assess whether a person is ready before accepting them onto this course as this is the last stage of their official development tier and it cannot be taken on lightly.

To complete this Master stage will enable you to teach others and attune others into becoming a reiki practitioner. It also provides you with an enhanced powerful force of energy that is built upon what you received at the reiki 2 stage.

Areas the day will cover:

  • Recap the reiki experience so far
  • Meditation
  • 1 attunement
  • The sacred master symbol is given and explained
  • Codes of professional conduct are recapped.
  • Attunment practice at this higher level
  • Issue of a manual, certificate and gift

On completion of Reiki 3 you will notice a more powerful connection and with continous use this will grow even further. You will also have the ability to attune others to reiki as you progress into a Master Teacher.

All 1 day or 2 day courses must be followed up with 21 days of self-healing to enable the energies given on the course days to build. The more you use reiki the stronger it gets. Once you are attuned with Reiki 1 you will always have the gift of reiki healing.

No alcohol must be consumed the day before and during the scheduled course days.

It is recommended that you wear a white or light coloured top when attending these courses. Socks are also preferred for your own comfort as you will not wear shoes throughout the course of the day, apart from break times.

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided, therefore please advise of any food allergies or dietary requirements, however you may wish to bring something of your own along if that is easier. Discuss any of your concerns at the time of booking.

A non-refundable booking fee of £50 is required to secure the booking. No dates scheduled at the moment, although Sunday would be the preferred day to be delivered, however you can contact me to discuss further if you are interested with a day and date in mind.