The Reiki Process

Part of the process will be that the client will lie down fully clothed on a massage bed. The reiki practitioner will lay their hands on or above their client’s body, working from head to toe to ensure the whole body can receive. The reiki will go where it is needed – mind, body or soul.
In all cases of a reiki session, the chakra system will be cleansed, aligned and rebalanced. Energy blockages in the chakra system will be released along with negative energies, toxins and impurities. When a person has recieved reiki they will notice their overall health & well being will improve, especially with regular sessions. It is a very bespoke treatment and will give each client exactly what they need at the time they are receiving it. More people may understand how acupuncture works in releasing blockages through the careful placing of needles in specific areas of the body to aid the physical body to help heal itself, or how reflexology works by manipulating key pressure points in the feet that inpact specific areas of the body, well reiki works on the emotional and mental energies which cannot be seen, but if they are blocked they can increase the chances of physical ailments developing.. The chakras link to various areas of the physical body and if they become blocked and the energy drops, fatigue can set in and anxiety can build. Reiki will put the energy needed back in and help a person function much better.

the reiki process

The benefits of reiki can be:

  • Restored energy and vitality
  • Reduction or alleviation of stress and anxiety
  • Relaxation and restored emotional balance
  • It promotes deep relaxation
  • Increased positivity
  • Increased feelings of strength and courage in dealing with difficult situations
  • Helps to support those going through the grieving process
  • Increased motivation, focus of ability to influence positive investment in life
  • A sense of reconnection and balance of your physical, emotional and spiritual self
  • Reduction or complete alleviation of pain as it promotes pain relief
  • Increased immunity as it energises and balances the whole body
  • Support and activation of your body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Gives peace of mind, clarity and vision